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The Trumpet! Why the trumpet? My first memorable exposure to this instrument came from my father -- he was my role model and earliest influence as I grew up in Peru, Illinois. To be certain, there were other teachers as well. In the physical sense, these trumpet teachers included:


Don Michel:


Washington Junior High School
Introduced me to the world of Vassily Brandt at an early age
Larry Katz:
Washington Junior High School
Taught me the important lessons of being on time with ALL of my materials
Chris Izzo:
LaSalle-Peru High School
A taskmaster and fine musician who gave a young cornet player a chance
Mel Pontious:

LaSalle-Peru High School
A first-rate educator and lifelong friend who was forever striving for meticulous execution

William Babcock:

Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Roosevelt University, Chicago studios & shows
Showed tremendous patience, and introduced me to Hummel and the early Ghittala recording

Ronald Model:

Northern Illinois University (Principal Trumpet of the Dallas & Tulsa Symphony Orchestras)
Opened up the world of making music - and can still tell a good story!

Bud Brisbois:

Los Angeles studio artist
Introduced me to the idea of cardio-vascular fitness in playing the trumpet. He could play high, too!

Louis Davidson:

Indiana University (Principal Trumpet of the Cleveland Orchestra)
Showed me how to blend technique with musicality; he could play fast and smooth with meticulous control!

Roscoe Booth:

University of Nevada, Reno (Denver Symphony)
Offered expertise and musical suggestions

Ray Crisara:

New York studio artist (at the time)
He only worked with me for a few lessons but continued the work of others in trying to pull out the music; he had a very sweet vibrato and was very generous with his time

Charles Gorham:

Indiana University (Cleveland & Atlanta Symphonies)
He was finally able to convince me to get some air happening! He provided patience, understanding, and inspiration.


There have been countless additional influences from colleagues in all facets of music. I am deeply indebted to them all!

© 2009 Randy Grabowski